The Healing Power of Kangen Water

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    With the advent of Flint, Michigan, public health crisis, lead poisoning has become a front-page news story. What can you do to protect yourself from contaminants, lead, prescriptions that enter our water? Is your tap water as clean as you think? How much toxicity is entering your body and what can you do about it?Discover the healing benefits of alkaline ionized water. Drink clean mineral rich water. Eliminating lead should be a national priority to protect our kids Our bodies are contaminated by what we eat, what we drink, and what we breathe. There is something simple and effective to make profound changes in your health. The Japanese call it Kangen Water. It starts out as ordinary tap water, and is transformed through ionization a process known as electrolysis. It becomes water that is super hydrating, loaded with anti-oxidants and becomes water that detoxifies our bodies.It is safe for kids and adults; Ionized alkaline water can be used for so much more, skin issues, bug bites, psoriasis, eczema, and acid reflux to name a few.Read on about diabetes, dental health, and pregnancy, and open your eyes to The Healing Power of Kangen Water.

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