MEDALION argint Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka HINDUS amuleta TIBETANA pe Lant argint

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    6 fotografii in galeria foto
    provenienta INDIA, aprox 1940 - 1960 ( ultima perioada a ocupatiei coloniale BRITANICE in India )

    amuleta TIBETANA, Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka
    The lineage of Shakyamuni Buddha
    Shakyamuni Buddha belonged to the lineage of Shakya clan. He is the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Maya Devi. Shakyamuni Buddha attained “Bodhi” or enlightenment after 6 years of meditation under ‘Bodhi tree”. He was then called ” Buddha” as he was ” the enlightened one” he died at age of 80 at Kusinagara.
    Meditation and Shakyamuni Buddha
    Thangka is a Buddhist Painting perfect for your Meditation Altar (guided meditation). Place it in your living room wall or Altar Wall and make them spiritual. It creates a peaceful environment and inspires you to be more compassionate kind and even encourage you to do meditate or do your prayers. For detailed information read the explanation in our blog post called Meditation on Shakya Muni Buddha.
    Mantra = Om Muni Muni Maha Muniye Soha
    The explanation of the Shakyamuni Buddha is below:
    OM – Om refers to all the Knowledge of the three bodies of a Buddha and of the infinite Buddha’s Holy Body, Speech and Mind.
    MUNI – Control over the suffering of the three lower realms and over the wrong conception of the self-existent.
    MUNI – Control over the suffering of all samsara and over self-cherishing thoughts.
    MAHA MUNIYE – Great control over the suffering of subtle illusions and over the dualistic mind.
    SVAHA – May my mind receive, absorb and keep the blessings of the mantra, and may they take root
    The iconography of Shakyamuni Buddha
    Shakyamuni Buddha typically gazes forward with partially closed eyes and the blue-black hair on the head is piled in a tuft on top with a single gold ornament adorning the crown. Between the eyebrows is a white dot and adorning the neck are three curved horizontal lines.
    The earlobes are long and pierced. With the right arm bare the right hand is extended across the knee in the earth touching gesture (mudra). The left performs the gesture (mudra) of meditation – palm upward in the lap. This mudra is also known as Bhumisparsa Mudra.
    Across the left shoulder is a saffron-colored patchwork robe. A similar lower garment is tied at the waist with a cloth belt. The legs are folded in vajra posture. Shakyamuni Buddha is the most popular and widespread in the form of sitting cross-legged.
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