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GPS Tracker 103B

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    Predarea se face doar la stadionul olimpia de L - V intre orele 9.30 - 20
    Web & APP Tracking software support LIFE TIME FREE.
    Overview: gps traking
    This tracker is a new product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. It can track and monitor remote target by SMS or internet. rastreador veicular
    Applications:    car gps tracker    
    Used widely for vehicle and other car tracking.gps tracker car
    Functions: rastreador
    1.Single Locating : If you call it from authorized phone number, it will hang up and report a real-time location   

    2.Auto track continuously.            rastreamento de veículos          
    * Track with limited times upon time interval
    * Track with unlimited times upon time interval
    * Smart track upon time and distance interval

    3.Turning points update automatically .  The tracker will update the positions automatically to web platform once the vehicle changing driving direction over pre set angle value to form a smooth trajectory consistent with the actual road, this function is only effective in GPRS mode.    gps tracker car    

    4.GPS drift suppression. This function is deactivated by default. The GPS data will stop updating if vehicle is not driving (ACC is OFF) and latitude and longitude always keep same, and GPS data updates automatically when vehicle is moving.

    5.Exact street address.     You must set up the APN of your local GSM network for the SIM card in tracker first before using this function.   

    6.Location based service (LBS) / Cell-ID Locating .If the tracker cannot establish a solid GPS Fix, it will calculate its location using Cell-ID GSM locating, Location reports will include the GPS coordinates of the last known positions as well as a LAC code, Entering the  LAC code to the “Manual Track” menu of web tracking platform will enable you to see the tracker’s current location.

    7.Monitor.  Remotely Voice Monitor

    8.Data logging,Data Load .When the tracker device lost GSM signals or fall offline from GPRS, tracker will log the tracking position and alerts automatically in the SD card on the basis of the pre-set condition, when GSM signals get back, all the event alerts will be auto-sent to the authorized numbers or web platform (server), but the logged tracking data should be loaded to the web platform via SMS command.

    9.SIM card Balance Inquiry. shock sensor car alarm

    10.Cut off the Oil and Power System.  quickstop+password

    11.Arm/Disarm/Silent  Modes:
        Arm : User must stop the engine, (that is ACC is lower voltage).Sending SMS “arm+password” when close the door and left. You will set up arm status fail if the engine is turned on (the ACC is high voltage), it will reply “set up fail! pls turn off ACC"
         Alarms under Arm State:         
        *Door open alarm: The unit will send SMS “Door alarm+lat/long” to the authorized number at interval of 3 minutes when the door of the car opens in arm status. Siren will be sound for 20 seconds, and repeat sound at interval of 20 seconds minutes if the door is always open. 
        *ACC Alarm
        *Built in Acceleration Sensor Alarm: The tracker is built in three axis acceleration sensor, the tracker can detect it in arm state when the vehicle move, tilt or shock. The alarm way is same as the external shock sensor alarm.
        *External Shock Sensor alarm(Optional ): The unit will send only one alarm SMS “Sensor alarm+lat/long” to the authorized number in 3 minutes when the sensor is triggered in arm status. 
        *Alarm without GSM network service: When the car is in the place without GSM network service, siren will be sound under non-silent mode if alarm is triggered (door, sensor, ACC), but no SMS alarm will send to authorized number.
         Disarm : Under disarm mode, device will not alarm if the door is open, sensor is vibrated or the engine is started.
         Silent:  After tracker entered into silent mode, siren will not ring if alarm is triggered, but tracker will send alarm SMS to the authorized numbers. rastreador gps

    12.Alarms: car vehicle gps tracker
           * ACC Alarm: Tracker will send "ACC on+latitude & longitude" to authorized numbers when detect ignition on, that means the vehicle has been started; and tracker will send “ACC off+latitude & longitude" to authorized numbers when ignition off and ACC is off, that means vehicles has been stopped.        
           * Low battery alarm: Tracker will send SMS “low battery+latitude/longitude” to authorized numbers 2 times in total in 15 minutes interval when voltage of battery is going to be about 3.55V.        
           * Power off alarm: Tracker will send SMS “power alarm+latitude/longtitude” to authorized numbers every 3 minutes when external power is cut off.
           * GPS blind Spot alert: Tracker will send alert SMS “no gps+last valid latitude/longitude before lost signal”
           * SOS: Long Press the SOS button for 3 seconds(For model B, press   button on remote controller for 3 seconds), the tracker device will send SMS “help me!+lat./long.” to all the authorized numbers at interval of 3 minutes. It will stop sending such a SMS when any authorized number reply SMS“help me!” to the tracker.
           * Movement alarm: When the unit stays immobile in a place for 3-10 minutes with GPS signal reception, the user can send SMS“move+password+space+0200” to the tracker (Suppose area of a radius of 200 meters, it supports 4 digits at most. Unit: Meter).  It will reply “move OK”. In case of such a movement (the default distance is 200m), it will send SMS “Move+ latitude & longitude” to the authorized numbers at interval of 3 minutes.
           * Overspeed alarm: Send SMS “speed+password+space+080” to the unit (suppose the speed is 80km/h), and it will reply “speed OK!”. When the target moves exceeding 80km/h, the unit will send SMS “speed+080!+ latitude & longitude” to the authorized numbers ,it will only send one SMS in 3 minutes in SMS mode when overspeed ; the siren will beep 1 time when overspeed 1 time.
           * Fuel alarm: When the fuel consumption exceeds the normal standards during driving, or oil theft/leakage when the vehicle is stopped, the tracker will send "oil: xx% + Geo-info" to the authorized number at interval of 3 minutes. The horn beeps 20S.
    13. Geo-fence: Set up a geo-fence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it goes out of this district.
    14.Multiple Areas Management: 5 areas at most and the distance between two points can't be less than the total distance in the 2 commands, and different areas can't cover each other.
    15.Configure parameters by USB

    16.Web/APP Tracking. rastreador

    Specificatii :
    Rețea : GSM / GPRS
    Band : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Modul GSM / GPRS : SIM900B
    Modulul GPS : cip SIRF3
    Sensibilitate GPS : - 159dBm
    Precizie GPS : 5m
    GPS ora de start: 45s stare rece ; 35s stare cald ; 1s stare fierbinte
    Tensiune de sistemul de putere auto : 12V ~ 24V
    Baterie de rezervă : reîncărcabilă și schimbătoare 3.7V 800mAh baterie Li - ion
    Temperatura de depozitare : -40 ° C până la +85 ° C ( - 40F ~ 185F )
    Temperatura de operare : -20 ° C până la +65 ° C ( - 4F ~ 149F )
    Umiditate : 5 % ~ 95 % fără condensare
    Dimensiune produs: 10.5 * 5.5 * 2.5 cm ( 4.1 * 2.2 * 1.0 In )
    Greutate articol : 112g/4oz
    Pachetul dimensiune : 19,5 * 12,8 * 5.8cm ( 7.7 * 5 * 2,3 inch )
    Greutate pachet : 617g/1.4Lbs

    Postul Include :
    1 * TK103B Main Unit
    1 * GPS Antenna 2 Meters Long
    1 * GSM Antenna 2 Meters Long
    1 * Remote Control
    1 * 1.5 Meters Mircrophone
    1 * 10 PIN Harness
    1 * Relay
    1 * User Manuals(English)
    1 * Original Box

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