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Diagnoza Konnwei KW902 Bluetooth OBD/OBD2 Renault ZOE CanZE, Leaf Spy Pro Nissan

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    Este full compatibil si testat cu aplicatia CanZE pentru Renault ZOE .
    Merge de asemenea si cu softul Leaf Spy Pro pentru Nissan electric.

    Konnwei KW902 Super MINI Bluetooth OBD/OBD2 For Android PC Tablet Smartphone 
    *Supply voltage(VDD):12V
    *Work temperature range: -20 ~ +70C
    *Storage temperature range:-40 ~ +125C
    *RF sensitivity(Basic Rate): -85db
    *Modulation Mode:GFSK
    * Frequency Range:2402 ~ 2480MHZ
    * Transmission Range:10M
    * Bluetooth Profile:SPP
    * UART Params:38400,8,n,1
    * Small size, compact structure. Plug and never unplug
    * Stable wireless connection
    * No wires or batteries (adapter is powered by the diagnosis size sockets)
    * Stop communication, wait half an hour, auto sleep
    * Supports all OBDII protocols
    * The adapter uses the fastest and most reliable ARM chips
    The device is a small adapter that plugged into the vehicle OBD-connector.
    On Bluetooth, it connects to any computer, tablet or smartphone, With
    associated diagnostic procedures . Doing these simple operations, you will be
    * Measure the fuel consumption.
    * Display real-time operating performance of the car, such as momentum,
    vehicle speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine load, intake manifold
    pressure, throttle position, the values of oxygen sensors, air intake
    temperature, and more.
    * Turn off the MIL (signal Check Engine).
    * Download data to external media in a variety of formats for later printing.
    * Record various parameters, display graphics in real time, and more.
    With kw902 you will be able to perform a complete computer diagnostics car
    and even to correct minor faults without resorting to service stations.
    kw902 scantool is a high-quality automotive scanning tool, supports all OBD-II
    protocols :
    1.SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud)
    2.SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud)
    3.ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
    4.ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)
    5.ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)
    6.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500 Kbaud)
    7.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500 Kbaud)
    8.ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250 Kbaud)
    9.ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,250 Kbaud)
    A.SAE J1939 CAN(29bit ID,250*Kbaud)
    B.USER1 CAN(11*bit ID,125*Kbaud)
    C.USER2 CAN(11*bit ID,50*kbaud)
    *default settings(user adjustable)

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    Produs de calitate față de alte chinezării de pe piață. Am reușit resetarea indicatorului "interval service" si activarea unor funcții la un logan din 2017.

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